Endometrin supp & Vivelle patches!!!

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Endometrin supp & Vivelle patches!!!
Sun, 02-28-2010 - 3:53pm

Ok ladies, I have some left over meds from a successful cycle...very succesful, I'm 23 weeks pregnant with fraternal twin boys!!  My MD ordered way too much endometrin vaginal inserts, and I developed a rash to the vivelle patches.  So needless to say these meds are just sitting in my closet and I have no plans on using them.  If anyone is interested please email me!

Vivelle dot Patch 0.1mg exp: 02-2011 box un-opened, and 5 sealed patches from opened box.

 3 boxes Endometrin (progesterone) vaginal inserts 100mg.  Un- opened. 21per    box.  Exp. 11/10.

 1 box same as above Exp. 01/11.

Thanks! Macs Mom