Few questions

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Few questions
Sun, 09-11-2011 - 3:15pm

Hi All,

I am a newbie to IVF and I have a few questions. I am waiting for AF to start BCP.

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Sun, 09-11-2011 - 5:24pm
Last cycle, I did 37 shots total prior to retrieval and then 9 weeks of PIO injections. 3 different meds + hcg were used during stimming.
I spent about 1200 on meds this past cycle (but had a bit leftover from previous). I used the pharmacy they run, and was happy with that. I have in the past used mail order from my insurance company. I did do price checking and would recommend it because some places are cheaper on one med but not others, and prices can fluctuate from what someone else was quoted a few months ago.
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Sun, 09-11-2011 - 8:01pm

Some insurance companies do offer lower rates to their subscribers..others, DONT. For instance..a person who has Cigna healthcare.....will do well price-wise using Cigna TelDrug. A person on BC/BS...can use Freedom Pharmacy...and the rates are "fair". I did 2 IUI cycles and 2 IVF cycles...and found that the Meds were the LEAST expensive when I used SUCCESSMEDS. My first IVF cycle..I ot my drugs at Tel-Drug..they cost me about 4000. This last fresh cycle...same drugs....I got them for about 3200.00.

Here is what I got for my Money.....

2- 900 IU catritrigs of Follistim.

1- 600 IU follistim

2- 5 vial paks (10 vials) of Menopur.

2 Boxes of my Progesterone Suppositories.

2 Ovidrel Trigger shots

4 Ganirilex (Antagon) Syringes

All my needles


Medrol (steroids) to help with Implantation

Pain pills/Nausea meds for Post retrieval

I had for ALL my cycles....about 9-10 days of shots. I would mix the Follistim INTO the menopur vials. So it was JUST one shot per day. On the days where I had to add in my Antagon (to avoid early ovulation)....I added THAT into the Menopur vial too.So still..ONE shot. If you do Progesterone SHOTS....you have alot more needles in your future! In BOTH my fresh, SUCCESSFUL IVF's....I used the suppostories and they worked GREAT for me! (The trigger shots (2 pre-filled shots) are 36 hours before retrieval.

I HOPE you are already taking your pre-natals, andor/Folic acid...if not..Get to it!

I'm an OLD pro at this...let me know how I can help!


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Sun, 09-11-2011 - 10:59pm

Thanks Gals.

Lindsay: I don't know what my exact protocol is but I know I will be on these meds. I will have to ask why they are choosing progesterone in oil vs suppositories. I might ask about Medrol because I would think I should have something to help with implantation. ???? That is cool that you could combine your shots into one and I can ask about that too. I have yet to have the appointment where they show me how to mix and give the meds. I have been slacking on my prenatal vitamins because I've had so much disappointment