Frozen Transfer cancelled due to polyp

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Frozen Transfer cancelled due to polyp
Sun, 08-10-2003 - 5:27pm
Hi I'm Karyn. I had my first appointment with my IVF doctor on Wednesday after our first failed IVF cycle. He did an ultrasound and discovered I have developed a polyp in my uterus which needs to be removed. I was all excited thinking we would be discussing moving on to our first frozen transfer in a week or two (we have 5 frozem embryos) but instead I have a 4 week wait for surgery and another 4-6 weeks after that before we can try again. It was a real kick, just when you think you can move forward again you are knocked backwards. Has anyone had this happen to them, any kind of delay in this treatment is really hard. I am 35yrs my husband 37, and we are trying for our first baby.