Got my labs back....Nov/Dec Cycle!!! Question about Metformin.

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Got my labs back....Nov/Dec Cycle!!! Question about Metformin.
Mon, 10-03-2011 - 6:29pm

Hey ladies!! So I got my consult done today. All labs are normal except my darn insulin levels. Through the roof!!! Like double what they should be. So I will be taking Metformin for 6 weeks....ugh...I hate this stuff. Was on it briefly about 6 years ago and it really aggravated my stomach. Not sure how I am going to handle that while in the middle of teaching a bunch of hormonal seventh graders. Any suggestions???

With all of that said, I will be doing my SIS and TOT with my next cycle. I wanted to cycle in Oct/Nov but with the timing of my cycle,. it doesnt work cause the dr will be out of town at the ASRM conference. So it looks like I will start injections in Nov and egg retrieval will be the 1st week of Dec (they only do retrievals the first week of the month). I got a ways to go, but I'm excited!!

About the Metformin....not so much :smileysad:

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have you tried Fortamet which is a brand of metformin?

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Awesome! We should be close in cycles. I'll be starting Stims in Nov. Not sure what SIS and TOT is but GL!

Is this your first cycle? Not sure about the seventh graders too! My good friend is a teacher and I always say I could never to her job!!! Vent away on this board! Lots of great listeners here!

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