Hello all...1st post...

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Hello all...1st post...
Wed, 03-09-2011 - 5:54pm

Hello everyone!

I am writing hoping to connect with other women going through IVF now.

I have not done posts / forums before so please excuse my lack of knowledge about all the lingo, etc.

I am a 40 y.o


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Wed, 03-09-2011 - 6:05pm

Hi Kathleen,

My first post as well so thanks for your courage. Its tough not talking about what you are going through. Im on the other side of this as I am sick of thinking and talking about it. I just finished my first IVF and blastocyst transfer 8 days ago and Im in this horrible waiting period where i tell myself just wait, dont get your expectations too high followed by what color should i paint the nursery place.

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Wed, 03-09-2011 - 6:22pm
Good luck to both of you. There are some amazing women on this board and you will get the needed support you are hoping for, I promise! I too haven't told anyone that we've been facing fertility issues for over 5 years, boards like this were my saving grace! Best of luck on your journey.....we are here to help you!
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Wed, 03-09-2011 - 6:36pm
Thank you. I really appreciate the words its making. I get teary eyed at the smallest things lately. Maybe the hormones? Or the fact that this is just a really tough time and sometimes in this whole process I still feel quite alone with my body and thoughts. So, I do appreciate this community of women. Im going to try to get some sleep now.. Its late here in London and I was up all night last night thinking about all this. Tomorrow is a new day full of new possibilities.
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Wed, 03-09-2011 - 9:25pm

HI Kathleen, welcome! I know how you feel - everywhere you turn, it seems everyone is on baby #2.


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Wed, 03-09-2011 - 10:10pm

You will find a lot of support here and many woman who have been in your shoes or are traveling in them now. It helped me sooooo much to know I wasn't alone my first time around. Especially when it seems you


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Wed, 03-09-2011 - 10:15pm

Hi Kathleen & K2,

Welcome to this board. I know "welcome" may not be quite appropriate given that most of us would have hoped not to be here in the first place however this place has truly been an outlet and a support system. The ladies here are terrific. Don't be shy about asking a question or even venting. You will be surprised to note that someone on this board or even a grad may have been in your shoes at one point or the other.

K2 - It seems like your beta is just a few days away. I wish you the best. Join us in the "February Buddies" thread and let us know how your cycle is coming along.

Kathleen - Dealing with the shots, blood draws not to mention the effects of the hormones is nothing short of a huge challenge. Personally, eventhough I have a very supportive husband, there is no way I would have made it through some of the roller coasters of my cycle without the support and encouragement of the ladies here. With my first two cycles I did tell my family however when both cycles ended in BFNs, the depression was huge. The more they offered to help, the deeper I sank. With this cycle, we kept things quiet so that in the event it did not work we could better manage the aftermath. So just play it by ear and do what feels right for your particular situation.

Again I wish you both the best with your cycles.

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Thu, 03-10-2011 - 10:28pm
Im new here too I just started with the Lupron today looking for someone to chat with and get support Im really new to this whole IVF thing I have 3 kids one natural and 2 c-section last one i had my tube tied :( I had a etopic pregnancy when i was 18.
thanks Angela
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Fri, 03-11-2011 - 4:19pm
Hi and welcome from me too. I also am totally "in the closet" for the most part for all the reasons already mentioned. I'm glad we all have each other!
Good luck! -Pix

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Tue, 03-15-2011 - 4:56pm

Hello ladies,

I am stim'ing now, day 4 using Menopur and Ganal F (I have already done three weeks in BC pills and testosterone cream. I have growth hormone and ganerelix coming up. ANyone else doing a similar protocol?? I don't feel like much is happening. I have a mild headache and some bloating, but not much else. I remember feeling horribly hormonal and very weird in past IVF cycles.....

.I am worried that maybe I am not making / enlarge-ing any eggs. I have had mild response to stim in the past (9 eggs max.) I'm 40 and trying not to feel anxious or desperate.

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Tue, 03-15-2011 - 4:58pm

HI Kathleen here