Hello and IVF #2

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Hello and IVF #2
Sun, 03-13-2011 - 7:12am

Hello All,

Wanted to introduce myself and get some support as we enter into IVF #2 after a failed IUI in October 2010 and a failed IVF in February 2011. Here are the stats on us:

Me (27) and DH (28 in April)

Diagnosis: Male Factor Infertility (sperm count is 1 million) Sept. 2010

treatment: IUI failed in Oct. 2010

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Sun, 03-13-2011 - 11:54am
Welcome Lola! This is the perfect place to vent so please feel free :-) I am a grad of the board but try to lurk around and help when I can. I am also planning a FET for next year so I'm sure I'll be back then too.

Sorry the laws on insurance coverage are dictating your treatment. It just sucks that money has to play into this for any of us. We don't have insurance covereage and by the end of the testing, IUIs, lap surgery and IVF we had spent $40k. But I can tell you now that it was worth every penny!

We also delt with MFI and I think your doctor is smart to recommend another fresh cycle in case the laws do change and you lose your coverage. You can keep those totsicles for a future sibling when this cycle works out :-) GL!!!