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Hi everyone,
I am 25 years old and have been undergoing fertility tx for about a year. My DH SA is completely normal, with that being said I have PCOS and blocked tubes. We proceeded with IVF #1. Given my age the Dr was extremely confident that everything would work out. I responded perfectly to the stim meds. They said I had about 22 follicles growing.
I had my ER on tuesday. After the ER they told me that they only got 9 eggs and they came out really dark but once they cleaned them off they saw they were mature and good eggs. 8 of them matured enough to make it to ICSI.
I got a call on wednesday from the embryologist that said all 8 of my eggs look like their is 2 sperm in the one egg, she said this is pretty much impossible with ICSI and she has NEVER seen this before in her 25 years of experience. She has seen 1-2 eggs do this but not every single egg. They cancelled my IVF tx this round and are trying to do research on it.
They don't have any answers for me yet and can not tell me if this is going to continue to happen. I am completely devasated. They are assuming that it could be a bad egg quality but they have never seen this with all the eggs.
They want to run some tests but they said one of the options is to do IVF again and use a totally different protocol.Anybody have any insight on this? I am driving myself crazy looking for answers.

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I am sorry that you went through the whole process only to be met with such puzzling results. While I cannot offer you any advice or words of wisdom in your particular situation, I did want to offer my support. I will keep you in my thoughts, and hope that the tests that they run produce the answers that you are looking for.

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