I think we will be jumping into the IVF pot..

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I think we will be jumping into the IVF pot..
Fri, 03-18-2011 - 10:34pm


We have been trying for a baby since 2006 and finally went to an RE in 2010. We got pregnant on our first IUI but that ended in a possible ectopic. It was never seen but assumed ectopic because of low rising beta with bleeding. My beta got to about 2,400 before the MX shot started working. I have had multiple IUIs since then with all BFN. The sperm count and quality has been good and even last month it was over 100 million post wash and I had 2-3 eggs. Wouldn't you think it would have worked? A big fat NOPE. We just met with our RE to determine what the next steps are. I am so new to the IVF world and not sure what to pick.

I posted this from TTCAM:

I am 36 and DH is 42. I appreciate all your comments and will check out the other board. My DH and I came out of the meeting with totally different perspectives which is kind of annoying. I am the type of person who just likes to 'DO" and not hem and haw about things.We did decide to check out another place that my friend recommends because she had her IVF baby there. It is a huge financial burden and it does make sense to shop around a bit.

My view from meeting:
1. IVF is recommended with either the 1 fresh and 1 FET package or the assurance package that is about $25,000 which includes 3 fresh and unlimited FET cycles within a 30 month period and you would get about $17,000 back if no live birth. This price is without medicine. Ouch...

2. He said I could start with my next period (BCP) if I wanted.

DH view from meeting:
1. RE didn't exactly say "I recommend IVF". I think he did by the way he talked. He said we could do a 7th IUI but if I have a tube issue it might not work anyway. We don't know if there is a tube problem and I asked about an HSG and he said that at this point, it would just cost more because the next steps are IVF anyway.I have quite a bit of pain with an IUI and he said an HSG was much worse. I would rather save the pain and money if I can help it.

2. On the assurance package, I noticed it mentioned BMI as a factor in deciding who is offered that. I asked about that and the doctor said that a recent published study mentioned a higher BMI might decrease your chance of conception by 15%. He also mentioned an unpublished study that says your chances drop 50% with a higher BMI. My hubby thinks we should take 6 months off to lower my BMI to increase our odds. I am telling you right now that I am NOT waiting 6 months. I MIGHT be convinced to wait 2-3 months. I am 36 and not getting any younger here.


We still need to figure out the money situation and which package would be good. I am going to call on Monday to get in for a consult with another fertility clinic to see if they would recommend the same things. I just hope things don't take forever since I have been trying for a baby for so long. I am getting impatient and I think we are taking a step back. I want action.

Any advise would be great.

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Sat, 03-19-2011 - 11:26am

Christy - Welcome to the board.

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Mon, 03-21-2011 - 3:07pm
so totally agree with everything crazy08 said! This process is a lesson in patiences that is for sure, but you do need to do everything you can to optimize the few chances we get. So lowering BMI is a great idea. And I would definitely do assurance. It usually takes a few tries. There are a number of protocols and one that works for one person may not work for someone else. There are months of tweaking. And the pressure of having it all on just one try would be soo overwhelming. all the best. I hope you keep us posted! So when it comes to IVF, In short...Go for it!!! -Pix

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Mon, 03-21-2011 - 8:16pm

Thanks. We just bought a used elliptical so we are starting a 5 day a week exercise routine at home. My plan is to work on lowering BMI while I get ready for IVF. The IVF nurse/coordinator called this morning and said there is a bunch of things that we need to do before we can start. We have to take blood tests and meet with the IVF counselor. She also mentioned a procedure to check the uterine cavity to make sure that is ok. I forgot what she called it. I am super scared about that because IUIs are so painful for me that I'm sure this one won't be pleasant. I guess it can take awhile to work with insurance but I have a feeling it won't be covered. They will be calling me with the outcome.

We are deciding between the fertility clinic we have been going to and the only other one in our city. We want to make sure we are using the correct facility for us because IVF is so expensive as you all know. My infertility insurance has a lifetime max of about $2,000 and I think I hit that with all the IUIs which means the IVF will be all out of pocket. We also have to find a way to fund this. So many decisions.....

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I totally feel your pain about wanting a baby, and the IUI's not working. We paid out of pocket for 4 failed IUI's, and now we are on to IVF. We had to take a second mortgage on our home to do it, but thank goodness we were able to get the money.

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Mon, 03-21-2011 - 11:05pm


Our stories are so the same that I thought I was reading my own in yours!

Stacey, 37 and husband 42; Trying to conceive since 2007. Tubal pregnancy 2007 with loss of rt side fallopian tube. IVF#1, Sept 2011, cancelled due to low response; IVF#2, Jan2012,microflare protocol, hoping for a better response this time!
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Mon, 03-21-2011 - 11:29pm

Our stories are quite similar indeed. Good job on the 14 pounds. I am thankful that my hubby is on the lose weight bandwagon too so we are doing it together. Today is only day 1 so we shall see. The doctor never said that I had to lose but did mention chances increase with lower BMI. With that said, I know there are tons of folks who have babies that are my size and there are also skinny people who have problems getting pregnant too. It is almost like throwing a dice. My hubby wants to maximize our chances as much as possible.

I am hoping this week we can pick the clinic so I can go in for blood work. I like the clinic we go to but it doesn't hurt to look around. The fertility clinic is checking with insurance about the hysteroscopy and I hope they pay for part of it even thought I doubt it. Not sure how much that will cost.

Let the waiting game begin...... :smileysad: