IVF on Live TV!

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IVF on Live TV!
Wed, 09-25-2013 - 6:17pm

I wanted to pass along a link to a story being featured on the Today Show, a couple is letting cameras in to record their IVF procedure: 

When approached about telling our story on TODAY, I was a little concerned at first. After all, I am an accountant; we generally like to stay out of the spotlight and I am a very private person. Plus, we had not even shared our decision to do the IVF treatment with our entire family or our coworkers.

However, when I gave it more thought I realized there are probably many other women out there with the same issues as me. I likened my initial apprehension to the student in class afraid to raise a hand, even though many others may have the same question. I hope in telling my story that other women with similar fertility obstacles will be able to overcome their fears as well. 

Find her story and watch the accompaning video at: http://www.today.com/moms/why-im-doing-ivf-live-tv-one-womans-fertility-journey-4B11235075

Would you be willing to share your journey like this?