IVF number #2 in February!! Here we go again....

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IVF number #2 in February!! Here we go again....
Wed, 12-29-2010 - 5:42pm

We had our first and unfortunatly unsucessful IVF in November...So we will be starting bcp on Saturday and then Lupron on the 9th of February..Stims on the 12th..Im mixed emotions..totally excited that we were bumped up on the list from March to February but kinda scared to go through it all again...Im hoping I will be more relaxed this time since I will know what to expect this time...hopefully with a better out come this time =)

Anyone who has had more than one IVF...Are cycles generally similar?

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Hi Lindsey,

It looks like we will be cycling together.


Me, 38, dh, 35

3 IUI's - BFN

IVF #1 - Jan '08 - BFP - beautiful baby boy born 10/10/08

IVF cycle #2 - TTC

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Good luck on IVF #2! It should be a little easier now that you know what to expect. They say the 1st IVF is like a trial......just to see how your body responds to the meds. Your RE