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Kasia (myszkakasia)...(m)
Mon, 08-11-2003 - 11:33pm
How was your vacation? I just wanted to check to see how your cycle is going. I got AF right on time on August 6 (exactly cd28); however, since it came in the early evening, August 7 was officially cd1 for my cycle. I had done 10 units of Lupron daily for 8 days, then reduced to 5 last Thursday with AF. The next night I began mixing the 5 units of Lupron with 3 amps of Gonal-F. I have my first u/s and b/w on Thursday morning. I'm a little nervous because I think this will show if this cycle's on the right path. I'm really crossing my fingers. My RE's office said that typically r/t is around 12 days after you begin Gonal-F, so that puts me sometime next week. Hope you are well.