Motrin lowering Estrogen

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Motrin lowering Estrogen
Sun, 10-24-2010 - 5:27pm

I have been taking motrin for the past couple of days because I have been having horrible headaches.

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Mon, 10-25-2010 - 10:00am

Wow, thanks for mentioning this! I am on a med called Relafen, which is a prescription similar to Motrin or Ibuprofen, for the next few weeks. I did tell my RE that I was taking this and I assumed that I'd be ok taking it for that time period because it's just during the time I'm doing stims. I will definitely be asking him about this next week when I'm

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Mon, 10-25-2010 - 12:43pm

Hi there. I am a lurker and IVF grad....just wanted to let you know that you should for sure stay away from any form of Ibuprofin (motrin included sorry!) during the IVF process and pregnancy. My RE told me that ibuprofin was at one time almost marketed as a contraceptive - I can't remember the specifics but something to do with prostoglandin interference and it messes with ovulation. During my procedures they were very specific in that we should take tylenol for pain management and nothing else. I know that sucks as advil is one of my best friends usually but tylenol seems to be doing the trick. I will post more info if I can find it......

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Mon, 10-25-2010 - 2:46pm
Yeah, that's my understanding, too...stay away from any pain reliever except Tylenol. If you're like me, though, Tylenol doesn't do much for migraines! :(
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