Need help understand IVF choices

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Need help understand IVF choices
Fri, 07-11-2003 - 11:23pm

I am faced with many IVF cases.

I need help trying to understand reasons for IVF so that I can better relate to these individuals.

I need your reasons for choosing IVF - your spiritual evaluations of it - your monetary reasoning and any other information you might feel helpful.

The top 2 questions I need to know are:

How much the average cost is. (I've heard $12k a time)

And how you feel spiritually before, during and after in regards to the way the baby was conceived i.e. "test tube baby".

It's hard for me to counsel people on a subject I really know nothing about besides whats written in a book and I would appreciate very much your opinions.

Thanks in advance.

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Sat, 07-12-2003 - 11:07am
First of all, I'm just a lurker on this board, and haven't gone through my first IVF cycle yet. (That's in the fall.) But my RE says that the cost is around $10-$12,000. As for your question about how I feel spiritually about it, here goes: I am a strong Christian woman, and when we found out that IVF was our next step I talked to my boss about it (who is also a strong Christian woman). I told her that this is when we would know if IVF was God's will or not because "the money will have to fall in our laps because we don't have it." That same week I found out that if I change insurance plans in August (I'm a teacher in Arkansas), Arkansas has state mandate coverage of $15,000 lifetime for IVF. In other words, my insurance company will pay for up to $15,000 of it. Personally, I feel like that was God saying, "Well, here it is... now go." I believe that God will give us the means if He wants us to conceive in this way. Hope that helps!!


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