New here,

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New here,
Tue, 07-19-2011 - 1:16pm

Hi ladies...



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Tue, 07-19-2011 - 1:57pm
Hi Danielle, welcome to the board! I'm so sorry for the losses of both your babies, and really wish you the best with your upcoming IVF cycle. Keep us posted on how you are doing!

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Tue, 07-19-2011 - 4:10pm

Hi Danielle, Welcome to the Board.


Me, 38, dh, 35

3 IUI's - BFN

IVF #1 - Jan '08 - BFP - beautiful baby boy born 10/10/08

IVF cycle #2 - TTC

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Sun, 07-24-2011 - 12:34pm


I'm so sorry that u had to go through that. I will be praying for you and your husband and you all will have one are maybe two. Our stories are almost alike. I am 31 and had an ectopic pregancy in 07. I had my left ovary and tube taken out and I also had a failed IVF cycle. I was on the same meds u are going to be on soon. It's not bad it just drains you when u dont get pregant on the first cycle. I am looking to have Mini-Ivf now they have

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Sun, 07-24-2011 - 5:33pm
Hey Danielle, I'm so sorry to read about your heart-breaking journey thus far. I really hope that your first ivf cycle gives you your very sticky bfp. I too will be doing ivf in August(ivf #2) and we have a August buddies group, feel free to join us. Take care


Me - (Amanda 27) My dh-- 26 We have been ttc # 1 for 3yrs 5mths My dh has severe oligospermia, Ivf with icsi is our only option. Ivf # 1--- failed Ivf # 2--- failed Ivf # 3-- hopefully in March 2013 at a new clinic!