New here - FET in September

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New here - FET in September
Mon, 08-01-2011 - 4:10pm

Hi, I'm Nichole. I'm 29 and my husband and I have been TTC for 2 years. It’s hard to find people whom I can relate to as I don't personally know anyone who has had to struggle to create their family, so I'm here looking for some support from women who've also struggled with infertility, specifically IVF. After reading through some threads, everyone seems genuinely supportive and understanding, so it looks like I've come to the right place!

Here's some of my infertility background:

After actively TTC for 6mos, diagnosed with PCOS.

Clomid - 7 cycles, no O.

IVF Retrieval - 32 eggs. Froze 6 blastocysts.

IVF Transfer - 2 embryos.


Miscarriage at 5 and 7.5 weeks. :(

We didn't have to do a DNC, so couldn’t perform any pregnancy loss tests. We were just told that although they were our two best rated embryos, these babies simply weren’t “intended”. I know I should feel lucky that we have 6 frosties waiting for us, and I do, but they aren't the best quality (mostly BB or BC, I think). Now that we’re gearing up for our FET in September, I’m even more nervous than I was the first time around. I’m scared of losing an embryo through the thawing process, I’m scared that they won’t stick, I’m scared they won’t grow… I’m scared of everything, really, which is so unlike me! I’m a firm believer that positive thoughts can help produce positive outcomes, but I’m having a hard time getting there with this cycle.

I know that everyone is different, but I’d love to hear any insight you ladies might have about my situation. Also, I have some questions if anyone is willing to share… How many IVF cycles did you go through before giving birth to your baby? Did you lose any embryos when they were thawed? How were your embryos “rated”?

Thanks so much for reading this long post!


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Hi Nichole - sorry to hear about your struggle, but glad you found on - the ladies on these boards have been a huge support to me for years!! I am about to start my first FET too - and I have many of the same concerns as you. I only have 1 little 3 day embie, so just like you said, i am *trying* to stay positive, but it is quite difficult.

I do have a DD from a previous IVF, so I can tell you that it DOES work and that the best advice I can give is stay as positive as you can, and don't give up! It does work!!! All's it takes is one little egg and one little sperm, and you never know which ones are meant to be. You have 6 more tries wiating for you on ice, so have faith in them and just take it day by day!!! Best of luck - keep us posted! :)
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Hi, our journeys are pretty similar as you can see in my sig. I am also getting an FET in september and am struggling with staying positive. Since I haven't gotten a success with IVF yet, I can't answer your questions. My clinic says in the last few years with the new vitrification process of freezing, there are far fewer lost embryos in the thawing.
Come join the September Buddies thread. Its kinda slow right now because we're just getting started. I probably won't start BCP for another 10 days or so.
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