New, IVF questions

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New, IVF questions
Mon, 07-14-2003 - 2:07pm
am new to this board, I've been on the "in pursuit of fertility" site for the past 8 months. I'm Andrea(38), dh is 39. I've known I had a uterine abnormality since I was 19 and was told I would have trouble TTC. We have been TTC #1 since Dec '01. We tried 3 months natural, 4 months clomid then went to RE. I have 2 cervixes and had a partial vaginal septum and a uterine septum and had 2 surgeries and 2 cervix dilations to remove all of that. It was successful and in Dec. I had a clear HSG with a normal shaped uterus. We began injectibles in January. I've also had ovarian cysts with each of my injectible cycles. We've had 3 cycles this year so far (my last failed cycle was last week).

I have an appt. tomorrow with RE to talk about next step (2 failed IUI's with injectibles, 1 failed cycle with intercourse/injectibles).

We have no other issues (hormone levels are fine, DH SA was fine).

Last cycle RE mentioned IVF, so I'm sure that's what DH and I will be hearing about tomorrow. I am going to ask the RE a lot of questions but have a couple for those of you who have actually been through it.

On the retrieval procedure - what kind of meds were you given for pain and how did it feel? (I've had HSG, cervical dilations and surgery and am curious if it compares with any of those or if the meds are good and you don't feel anything).

How many eggs/follicles are you producing on an IVF cycle versus an IUI cycle?

How do you feel the day of the retrieval - do you have the normal ovulation pains or is it worse or better?

On the transfer procedure - does this actually hurt? The IUI doesn't hurt at all and I'm curious that since the transfer is going to take place 5 days following ovulation/retrieval - will the cervix still be dilated open or will this feel more like an HSG when the cervix is more closed?