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Newbie with a ?...........
Mon, 05-19-2003 - 4:48pm
My husband and I are "resting" until October, when we will begin our first round with IVF. Insurance will cover $15,000 lifetime, and RE says that it will cost about $10,000. Does that mean that it costs that much EACH TIME?? And is the cost the same if you know at transfer that it won't work? I have abnormal fsh, and I am SO afraid that my eggs aren't going to cooperate! Thanks for the help!


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Tue, 05-20-2003 - 10:21pm
Hi Dutchess. You are fortunate that your insurance company will cover at least some. Unfortunately, IVF is approximately $10,000. I've had 2 cycles, both uncovered, and the first cost about $8,000 and the second was about $10,000. The figure the doc gave you should cover your IVF cycle, but you might want to find out if your meds are additional. Hopefully you can produce plenty of fertilized eggs (embryos) so that if the first transfer is unsuccessful, you will have some left over to use.

If your eggs do not split or fertilize correctly, you should only have to pay for services up to that point and not for the transfer fee. I would make sure to get a breakdown from the office beforehand. Best of luck to you.

By the way, my two cycles were both SUCCESSFUL and I now have a 6 year old daughter and twin sons (6 mos) through IVF. So it does and can work!!

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Wed, 05-21-2003 - 1:55am
Yep $10000 each time. Meds run about $2500-$4500 each time, procedure runs about $5K-$8K per cycle. We are doing the Integremed which gives us 3 times and insures us 80% refund on each try if the IVF doesn't work. Costs $15600 for 3 rounds, not incl. meds. We are also doing ICSI, DH has inconsistent swimmers and that will increase from $15600 to $17400 for 3 rounds. Check the different plans that your RE offers. Have you tried the IUI, much cheaper, we tried but unsuccessful and I am 34 and DH 44 and can't wait around for IUI to work, may be old enough to be grandparents before IUI will work for us!! Hope this helps.