Normal to have NO side effects on day 4 of stim meds?

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Normal to have NO side effects on day 4 of stim meds?
Wed, 07-13-2011 - 8:27am
Hi, I'm new here on "July Cyclers". I am doing IVF for the first time. I don't feel any side effects yet, and I hope that's normal. Today I go for lab work and supression check ultrasound. not sure what that is for. I have a tentative retrieval on July 21, they may freeze all, or do a fresh transfer. We are really hoping for a lot of healthy embryos from one shot, if we do we will transfer, but if we don't, we'll just freeze all and do another cycle. My nurse and RE think it might be possible since I had count of 38 antral follicles. Does anyone here know how the side effects should be,
and when? I don't want to feel bad on stim meds necessarily, but I want to know it's working! Any insight or experience?

experience you can share with me?
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I've done 3 fresh cycles plus one that was initiated but not completed- all of them have been different! Ranging from "I feel great" to "my ovaries are so huge I can't move without discomfort."
I would just enjoy feeling good for now, most of the discomfort (when experienced) is later in the cycle, like day 6-8 of stims or so.
Good Luck! I know it's hard not to over analyze everything, but I'm sure everything is fine.
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I have crazy periods, and overall, am a pretty hormonal woman. I am also really sensitive to medication (I get side effects from Advil!) When I felt emotionally okay on stims, it tripped me out a bit. I thought I would feel crazy. The only side effect I got was a little later on when I felt ridiculously bloated! I ended up with mild OHSS, so that ended up being really uncomfortable. I agree with the other comment that it will start to kick in soon. They should be giving you ultrasounds every three days or so to check the follicle count and measure them. I am sure you will feel relief soon when you see all your eggies! It's when they start to get close to ER that you feel like a cow!

Hope this helps! Good luck!

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