Pregnant & Flying to Singapore??

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Pregnant & Flying to Singapore??
Thu, 07-03-2003 - 12:31am
My dh and I travel to Singapore every year for Chinese New Year, which is around mid February... since I'm PRAYING I'll be pregnant by then (via IVF), and since the TOTAL flying time is near 20 hours, with one part of the flight a FULL 14 HOURS, do you think it'll be ok to fly for that long?... it's a MISERABLE flight, even going First Class... you get very cramp and stiff, and I do want to get pregnant with twins, so I'm afraid of feet swelling, toximia? My Dh family is very VERY sensitive about traditional customs, and I would have to be in hospital confinement in order to NOT disgrace the family by not being there for Chinese New Year.


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Tue, 07-08-2003 - 10:22pm

Hi there!! I was 7 months pregnant with my first IVF baby and we flew from the US to was a 23 hour flight total time and yes my feet and legs were like were my hands....but other than that I was fine. Good luck with your trip and don't worry about'll be just fine.