September Cyclers - Post here!!

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September Cyclers - Post here!!
Fri, 08-03-2012 - 11:03am

Here's a thread for all those looking at September as your cycle month! 

Good luck!!!  


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Sun, 09-23-2012 - 7:04pm

Sorry about another BFN Caryn.  I glad you're focusing on your next cycle, but I still hope you get lucky with your beta.  I hope they don't make you do BCPs again.  I know how delays suck.

Thanks Jamie.  I'll probably wait and ask the new RE about the DHEA.  I did buy the royal jelly w/ bee pollen but I got the kind mixed with honey.  I read that it was best in that form.  It doesn't taste too bad and has 650 mg per teaspoon.  It says to take one teaspoon twice daily.  Does that sound like enough?  I'm also going to increase my Coq10 to what you were taking.  I did read that 600-800 was best.  I could only find 100mg caps at my local vitamin shoppe so I may have to order the bigger ones online to cut down on the number of pills I have to swallow.  I'm also going to pick up the wheat grass tabs again.  Also, starting tomorrow I'm getting extry serious about eating right and exercising daily.  I'd like to drop 10 lbs before I see the new RE.  I chose a woman this time.  I'm hoping that she is more compassionate than my current RE.


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Mon, 09-24-2012 - 6:13pm

Christina ~ Hope your new supplements help a lot with egg quality.  I hear ya on trying to keep the number of pills to a minimum.  It gets a little crazy and feels like I'm taking fist fulls of them sometimes.  It'll be interesting to see if your new RE thinks the DHEA is worth investigating.  I'm seeing a woman RE for the first time and I really like her.  I've had very compassionate docs all the way along though, thankfully.  Hope you love the new one!

Tess ~ How was your u/s today???

ifnlonely ~ Can't wait to hear about your vacay.  Where did you go?

Taressa ~ Still feeling zen about the health and wealth plan?

AFM ~ Was pretty sure from BFNs on pee sticks this weekend that I was out . Got the call from the nurse, hcg=1.65, official BFN. Stopping all meds today. On CD3 of my next cycle (which should start in 3-5 days) I'll start a short course of BCPs (7-12 pills) and will essentially do the same protocol since my lining and E2/P4 numbers looked great this cycle. I think this could put CD1 of FET #2 as early as Oct 11th or as late as Oct 18th. Transfer would be on Oct 26th with the 10/11 start date or Nov 2nd with the 10/18 start date. All dates will be nailed down when AF arrives.  Had a good cry on Saturday and it sucks but trying to focus on moving forward.



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9/18 - lookin good!


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Tue, 09-25-2012 - 3:36pm

Caryn - That stinks!!!  At least you will be able to get going again pretty quickly and not have to do OCPs for too long.  Will you transfer one next time or 2?

Christina - I took DHEA this cycle for the first time.  I informally talked to 2 RE's who said it probably wouldn't help but couldn't hurt.  I know there are some centers that really believe in it.  Neither of the docs I spoke to recommended testing in advance.  I was initially told to  take 25mg three times a day but I kept forgetting the midday dose and it was causing acne, so I dropped down to 25mg twice a day.  I have no idea if it made a many things were different this cycle.

AFM - I had the worst scare of my life yesterday.  I was supposed to have my ultrasound at 3:30PM.  Around 9AM, I got up from a chair at work and got a strong cramp which knocked me back down into the chair.  It passed, but I was nervous so went to the bathroom to check on things.  I had started bleeding heavily.  I of course assumed the worst and became pretty hysterical.  My RE said to come down right away so one of my co-workers drove me.  When I got there, the ultrasound showed that everything was fine and there was a heartbeat of 117!!!!  I almost didn't believe it at first, I was so convinced that it was over.  They think I had a subchorionic hematoma that expelled itself all at once.  The bleeding stopped after about an hour and no more today.  They told me that 60-70% of IVF patients have bleeding and it can be a lot when everything is fine.  This would have been helpful information BEFORE it happened.  I haven't fully recovered emotionally but I am back at work and feeling better...of course running to the bathroom with every twinge!  The heartbeat was supposed to be a happy visit!!  I called my friend who did IVF and had a similar bleeding episode and she told me no moment is ever going to be as you expected.  What a wild, crazy, frustrating ride...  

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Tue, 09-25-2012 - 7:01pm
Here's a post from the June cyclers with exactly what I took:
These are the links for the ones I took. I also had DH take 2 dhea, 2 RJ/BP and 1 coq10 daily.
My RE also switched me from long Lupron to antagonist this time. Which likely had the biggest impact, but who knows.

Also, Tess, I had a subcorionic hematoma too at 6 weeks and it was terrifying. FYI, I had another episode at 10 weeks and pretty much spot all the time. My doc told me once you bleed once you are much more likely to bleed again. So don't be surprised if it happens again! My OB is completely unconcerned about it, but still kind of freaks me out!!!!


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Wed, 09-26-2012 - 12:56pm
Tess ~ So sorry for the scare! I find it crazy how many preggos have bleeding when everything is a-ok. Happy that is the case with you. There will always be something to worry about...when you know your bean is there to stay you worry if they are healthy, after you know they're healthy you worry about delivery...and it doesn't stop when they are born either. The constant worry is a guaranteed. So try to focus on the good parts as much as possible - the heart beat visit is still a very happy visit =)

AFM ~ Waiting on AF, cramping started this morning so maybe she'll arrive today. We will stick with transferring one blast next time. I know it might take more FETs to get a BFP but I would really like to avoid multiples if possible.
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Mon, 10-08-2012 - 12:12pm
Thanks for the update proudmama! I'm sorry to hear your doctor didn't have any magic answers. Hopefully a urologist can help your DH with his sperm issues and you guys can get another shot. You are so right, we are very lucky to have one little miracle in this life time...I also know how hard it is when you'd love nothing more than to add one more. Wishing you lots of joy with your daughter and peace through the trying time. Please KUP as you continue on your journey and best wishes to you!!!

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Mon, 10-08-2012 - 12:14pm
Tess & ifnloneyl ~ How are our two success stories doing? Fill us in =)

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Mon, 10-08-2012 - 8:58pm
proudmama - I don't know what kind of urologist your DH went to, but I wanted to share our experience. Our RE is out of the area and they said we could see a local urologist. We went to him and wasted months of time for him to basically say that nothing could be done. We decided we didn't like his answers and went to the urologist that the RE recommended in his geographical area. It was a huge difference. This urologist specialized in fertility issues and he looked at DH's results and said that maybe there would be something he could do as my DH's testosterone levels were low normal. DH did HCG injections for three months and we got improved count and motility to the point that the RE said we could try IUI (of course with our luck we had other complications that derailed trying IUI but we had banked some when his count was highest). Anyway, just wanted to use our experience to say make sure that the urologist is a Fertility specialist too!!
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Tue, 10-09-2012 - 10:30am

Sorry it's taken me so long.  Things are going well.  I will be 10 weeks this Saturday.  I had my last ultrasound a couple of weeks a go when we got back from the Dominican Republic.  I am still having nausea, but I will not complain.  I have my next ultrasound for the first trimester screen Oct 26.  I will be nervous since I have had a 12 week loss before.  Thanks for listening.



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Tue, 10-09-2012 - 1:55pm
So happy things are going well!!! Wow, 10 weeks time flies. I know it's impossible not to worry but you are doing great and are almost out of 1T...that's awesome! Sorry about the nausea. I found that it helped me to keep peppermint altoids in my purse and anytime I felt it coming on sucking on one of those helped some. Wishing you tons of luck at your u/s on the 26th, cant' wait to hear about it =)