So the fence about starting IVF again after conceiving#1. How did you know you were ready again?

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So the fence about starting IVF again after conceiving#1. How did you know you were ready again?
Wed, 04-11-2012 - 11:08pm
IVF#1 March 2010 GonalF, Cetrotide, Menopur.
23 follicles 19 eggs 13 mature 7 fertilized 2 blasts none to freeze. No Pregnancy.
IVF#2 July 2010 Lupron Gonal F Menopur
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Still trying to figure that one out myself. :) Hopefully some of the other ladies will have some good advice!
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Tough question. I'm not sure anyone ever knows 100% but we wanted to give ourselves six months of TTC naturally again to see if having our first "fixed" us =) Short story, we are not fixed. Then we tried to think about how far apart we wanted our kids to be and factor in my "advanced maternal age" and are going for a FET this summer. Our DD will be 2 the end of May. and I'll be 37 the end of August.

Good luck with your decision!
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For us...after our first IVF....we wondered if we could afford it again! We had 9 on ice...but did not want to use them after losing 2 of our three triplets in IVF 1.

We HOPED we would be one of those couples that conceived naturally after IVF...and tried (more like used NO BCP) up to our DD's 1st birthday.

A week AFTER her birthday...we were back at the clinic. We wanted the kids "around" 2 years apart. And let's face it....I WAS 39 years old at this point. In August 2011...we did a Cycle which resulted in a BFP but we lost the baby somewhere between 9-10 weeks along.

So....we decided to take ONE LAST ditch effort using my sisters eggs in December 2011. And one Christmas eve we got our BFP!!! I am currently approaching 20 weeks and DD will be 2 years old in June. The Babies will be 26 months apart.

We have MANY on ice...but at my age...just not sure we will be able to do an FET later for a third..... We have already been SO LUCKY considring our "odds"..... (My age and Male Factor....)

You will know.... For me..The URGE REALLY hit me when DD was about 10 months old.... Time was not on our side and I wanted the kids to be closer in age.

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Its was easy for me just because I want to be done with TTC.

----"Never give up on something that you can't stop thinking about every second of every day."----


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I am struggling with those thoughts as well. I dont think you will ever be 100% sure, perhaps its the uncertainty of being successful. Just try and think positive thoughts, and you will be fine.