so incredibly frustrated ... no idea what to do next ... PGD results came back

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so incredibly frustrated ... no idea what to do next ... PGD results came back
Fri, 04-13-2012 - 1:00am

As many of you already know, we did three IVF cycles and banked embryos for PGD (chromosomal) testing.

- Sandy (44) DS (natural) born just before my 41st birthday. TTC#2. Only issue: egg/embryo quality due to age. Clomid & multiple IUIs w/follistim &menopur = BFN. IVF#1 (Nov 2011) = 12 eggs, 9 mature & fertilized. Transferred 3 embryos (1-3BB, 2-3
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Sandy....I am 40.

Our Second IVF we transferred 2 embies which resulted in a BFP, but a m/c between 9-10 weeks. Our remaining Embryos were PGD tested and NONE were normal. This was the point when I had to face the realization that MY EGGS were no longer viable. I moved to DE for our Third IVF and as you know I am now 20 weeks PG with 10 embies on ice.

I knew that having a larger family was more important than the genetic tie. Though, we did end up using my sisters eggs.

I think this SUCKS big SUCKIE for you....after ALL of that waiting, all of those cycles....all of that MONEY!!! Nothing can give you back any of those things.

What are you THINKING your next steps are?

I'm so sorry....we are here for you...... ALWAYS!!!

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Oh, Sandy, I'm so sorry! That totally sucks after all that you've done to get enough to biopsy! Are you guys thinking about donor eggs or trying again?


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Sorry Sandy.. even with younger eggs you can still get poor results.. I did DE with a 25 year old donor.

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