Starting IVF

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Starting IVF
Sat, 06-28-2003 - 7:39pm
I am new to this board. I have been married for 14 years I have a 13yr old son and we have had 3miscarriages, 2 ectopic pregnancies and we are starting our IVF cycle soon. I go for my orientation July 8th and then I have a saline sonohystogram (I think that is the name) on July 9th. I am very scared that after we have invested so much that what if it doesn't work. We have been ttc since 1993. I had endometrosis then had surgery in 98 because of it. My left tube has fluid in it and my right tube was blocked they opened it and I did manage to get pregnant 5 times but all ended badly. They eventually took out my right tube due to my last ectopic pregnancy. I get very sad at times thinking about it all. I hope that soon we will be lucky enough to have another child. If anyone can tell me anything about IVF and their experience I would greatly appreciate it.
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Sat, 06-28-2003 - 11:29pm
Hi there...I totally know where you are coming from....I have a 14 yr old and 10yr old daughter and had to do IVF because I had got my tubes removed in 1993 after my second daughter was born and I had a successful IVF the first time I tried because the only reason you can't get pregnant is because your egg cannot get through your tubes. I had a wonderful experience with IVF. The reason I did IVF is because I met the man of my dreams and wanted to give him children. We now have a beautiful 8 1/2 month old baby boy and we are gonna go through the IVF treatment again in Oct. of this year. Good luck and I hope this helped.
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Sun, 06-29-2003 - 12:02am
To Mountain-Angel:

I applaud your perserverance and bravery... you've been through so much, and to think that you haven't given up hope, is a miracle in itself! Bless you. I am 42, had 2 kids from a previous marriage (boy20,girl19), and after my son was born, I had a tubal ligation.... now, I'm married to someone else, and we want to share that wonderful experience of conceiving our child. So, a month ago I had a tubal reversal surgery, 2 weeks after that, via an HSG (uterine exray), it revealed the surgery was not successful as the tubes closed up... per my RE, "the tubes were so conditioned to being blocked, that they went back to that state on their own." Well, that's ok, actually, it was very good for us because we all wanted to go straight to IVF but insurance required us try the TR and then try to get pregnant that way, but since that wasn't going to be possible, now we go to IVF.... Well, first, of course, is to find a very good RE, who will consult with you based on the info you provide in their forms and then he'll have you do bloodwork on your CD3 to check your hormonal levels (FSH, E2, LH), and on same day, they'll do a uterine ultrasound to check for any follicles (eggs) on your ovaries... they'll count them and that info, along with the results from bloodwork, should be available to you the next day. From that, the RE will determine what your options are, and IF, your levels were within a good range, he may recommend protocols (dif prescriptions for meds or stimulants) for you to try in order to get "good" eggs from your ovaries. SINCE you have a history of m/cs, I would HIGHLY recommend you find a fertility clinic/with very good REs who perform PGD (pre-implantation genetic diagnosis), I don't know where you're located, but in Illinois there are quite a few clinics that offer it, check this site to get basic info on PGD:

Here's a snippet from that website:

"This technology can be offered to couples at risk of having a genetically abnormal fetus. It can help them avoid the birth of an affected child or having to face the painful decision of a pregnancy termination. It has been utilized for hereditary genetic diseases such as Cystic Fibrosis, Sickle Cell Anemia, Tay Sachs Disease, Hemophilia, Thalassemia, Myotonic Dystrophy and other disorders for which DNA probes are available. Most of these genetic syndromes are relatively uncommon.

A major frustration of couples who undergo IVF is the failure of transferred embryos to result in pregnancy. There are many reasons why this may occur including hormonal deficiencies, uterine anatomic defects, immunologic factors and the receptivity of the uterine lining. Chromosomal abnormalities in embryos are likely responsible for a significant percentage of implantation failures. This may be especially true in women of advanced reproductive age (35 years of age or older)............"

Also, a better msg board for you to visit is "IVF Connections"

Hope to see you there :-)