starting IVF#2 seven years later!

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starting IVF#2 seven years later!
Fri, 04-19-2013 - 12:17pm

Hi ladies! I joined this chatroom when i was TTC my DD back in 2005.  We did IVF and it worked the first time (i have a tubal factor). I gained so much insight from this page years ago and need to lean on some of you ladies again! Can each of you share your stories with me on how you came to find this page and about what you are currently doing with IVF? Our daughter is 6 years old and we want a sibling for her very badly.

Looking for new friends!



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Fri, 04-19-2013 - 3:36pm

Hi Shan, it's great to have you back!  When do you think you'll start IVF?