5 stims..only 8 follies....m

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Registered: 03-27-2003 5 stims..only 8 follies....m
Thu, 04-17-2003 - 5:12pm
and I'm being told that when doing ICSI this is bad. I have an ultrasound again on Saturday morning and am told there's a good chance I will be canceled. Is there only one egg per follical? If they see only 8 does it mean they will only retrive that many or fewer? Or could there be more?

My E2 level today was normal for this time. So they told me to not change my meds and continue as I am until my ultrasound on Saturday. Any hope for me to continue this cycle and actually get to retrieve on Tuesday or Wednesday?

We are doing PESA and ICSI due to husband having obstructions from vasectomy and failed reversal. The IVF clinic we use will be closed through June so we will most likely not be able to give it another attempt until July if this one doesn't happen.






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Thu, 04-17-2003 - 7:57pm
Sydney - i don't think you need to be worried. 8 follies is great and you are only day 5 of stims. I have stimmed up to 12 days so....... Also remember in IVF 24 hours can mean a lot of chnages quickly so hang in there. Because you are doing ICSI if you have fewer mature eggs you still have a greater success at high Fert. %'s .

I would wait and see what the next u/s shows before you worry about being cancelled.

Hugs, CL~Kris