Waiting until Friday to test

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Waiting until Friday to test
Tue, 06-24-2003 - 2:42pm
Hey Ladies- I'm 40TTC #1. Went through 5 rounds of IUI, while waiting for DH's insuance to kick in. It has and we just went thorugh our first IVF transfer on the 14th. We have a blood test scheduled for this Friday. We only had 2 (very good quality) eggs to transfer because I didn't respond well to Gonal F and then they added Repronex - which did work. I would go through it all again if I thought it would work. I'm just scared and just don't feel pregnant. Not quite sure what I should feel - but I just don't think I am. I'm hoping I'm wrong -but hard to have the faith today.

Does anyone know if you can take OTC PG tests when you are doing IVF drugs. I'm currently taking Progesterone.

Any advice or cheering up - I would be thankful. this waiting is the hardest part, and after so many unsuccesful IUI's I will definetly be the most surprised if this actually works.....

Thanks all and happy baby dust to all that are in the wait zone...

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Tue, 06-24-2003 - 8:33pm
I only had 3 that fertilized with my IVF try--same problem, did not respond well to GJonal-f and was doing 8 Repronex a day. We transfered all 3 (2 had assisted hatching) and have a 1 year old beautyful little girl. They think the one that took was the one without the assisted. I only got pregnancy symptoms from the progesterone-chest ache and other. A little cramping during my wait. Think positive. It will happen. Good LUck and happy pregnancy. Schna