We need good thoughts: 6th IVF with Surrogate

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We need good thoughts: 6th IVF with Surrogate
Sat, 04-07-2012 - 3:40pm



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My RE says there is no research supporting bed rest, but if it makes you feel better, do it.
I'm just curious, have you had 5 previous failed IVFs or do you guys have children? I'm just wondering if they are failed, maybe it is a donor egg issue since she is the only constant, right? Were they all fresh cycles or just one fresh and the rest frozen?
Good luck to both of you! I hope you have success with this cycle!


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I have been through three IVF cycles of my own..and each resulted in pregnancy (though one we did have a miscarriage due to chromosomal abnormalities (old eggs...)).

I was never instructed to take any extended period of bedrest by my RE. I would take it "easier" on Transfer day....(as it..no heavy lifting, did not pick up my 20 month old much....)..etc.

My Personal Belief was always this.... Once the Embryos are IN the uterus..they aren't going to fall out. They aren't going to suffer any trauma by walking around, making dinner, showering....walking up the stairs. Woman who are LUCKY enough to get Pregnant the "old Fashioned..FREE" way...don't lie in bed like a dying person for 2 days after bumping uglies with their man...... so why should I??

My RE told me... "It might only be MORE stressful to lie in bed and PINE about whether or not your embryos are nestling in" than it would be to carry on with everyday life and stay busy!!! State of mind is important in this process.... staying SANE is necessary. I am not a lie still kind of person.....but different people have differing opinions on this.

My last IVF was a day 5 transfer....and both blasts were ready to BURST by the time we got them in. My RE said...If they were going to "hatch" and implant...it would happen within 24-48 hours. And it SURE did. Both embryos implanted....though one failed to develop. I did not bedrest. And currently almost 20 weeks into this pregnancy!

Good Luck.....And WELCOME aboard! Keep us Posted!!!


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LOL @ the palm leaf!

Some docs do recommend bed rest for various time periods, but some don't feel it's important. If bed rest is more stressful than getting up and moving, then it's not doing it's job. The important thing is just taking it easy and not stressing. Stress hormones aren't good for the developing embryos and that is the reasoning behind suggesting the bed rest.

There are a variety of old wives tales about things that can help, such as eating fresh pineapple (especially the core) after transfer. I actually tried that because I like pineapple, so what could it hurt. :) Acupuncture is proven to slightly help improve odds for success, so it might be something you might consider. Again, that may have to do with bringing down stress levels or it could be something else.

With everything you go through to do an IVF cycle, the hardest part is knowing that even with perfect embryos in a perfect environment, there is still an element of chance that things won't work.

Hang in there! Best wishes that this cycle will be successful!