which doctor and day 3 transfer or day 5

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which doctor and day 3 transfer or day 5
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I've posted here once before. I'm trying to decide on whether to move on to IVF or not. I'm 36 going to be 37 in 4 months, got pregnant carried to 37 wks and lost ds,  now 18 months later we have been trying for 15 months and have had 1 miscarriage and 1 ectopic in January. I have seen two RE's. The RE who has been treating me for the last year, has been nice, but the 2nd RE I went to last month for a second opinion is nice as well. I guess I just don't know who to go with.  I have seen how all IVF facilities have to turn in their success rate, does anyone know how accurate that is.  The one I'm going to has a success rate that  is around 32-33%, but the 2nd RE is around 56%.  I asked why the difference and they mentioned at the second office they do day 5 transfers vs my 1st RE who does day 3.  I know people who have had success at each office.  Emotionally I just don't know who to go with, but I'm also concerned about leaving an office that has done nothing wrong.  I just had a 2nd hystersplingogram and it came out good. I retested my fsh which is 6 and my estradol is 38. The only test were waiting on is the clomid challenge and a genetic test to see if thay is why were miscarrying.  IVF is not covered by insurance the 1st RE will be between 10-15k and the second starts at 14k.  The 2nd RE recommends iui/meds (I've had 4) or ivf. My first RE will do iui/meds, iui/injectables or ivf--she thinks we will eventually have it all work out. So much information, I just don't know what to do.

Thanks for the feedback


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It is hard to say if you personally would benefit to a 5 day transfer, my clinic did both 3 and 5 days depending on the individual situation. There are benefits and drawbacks of each transfer, which I believe have been discussed in another thread (title similar to 3 day vs. 5 day transfer).

Success rates between clinics are very hard to compare due to differences in their patient populations, a clinic with good stats may be great at what they do or may simply be turning away more difficult cases to boost their stats.

IVF is a big step and depending on what they think the reason for your infertility is, it may be the thing to do or may be a very expensive option that is unnecessary.

Best of luck!

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Jennifer, I agree with the pp that stats can be deceptive. My clinic has very good, though lower, stats that some others in my area, but that's because they won't turn away anyone under the age of 46. Many other clinics will turn you away over 40 or if your tests don't look promising.

In what area of the country do you live? I've found that we have a good array of regions represented on this board. Perhaps if you posted a thread title "Looking for RE/clinic recommendations in xx-town", you'd find someone who goes to one of the REs you are considering or has a rave about someone else in your town.


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What a hard choice.

My understanding is that 5 day transfers help reduce the rate of multiples. If you don't care as much about that, then that may not be a big concern to you. There may not be a right choice here. For myself, IUIs were never effective and I wish we had gone right to IVF, but for many people IUI's are effective and they are much cheaper. I wonder, do you have any doctor friends to ask? Sometimes they give great recommendations. Or your OB?

Good luck,

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Hi, I have a quick question for you...

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It's thru the CDC , it's called SART. You can try googling 2008 national SART and see if that works. If not you can go to Oregon reproductive medicines website, they mention the stats and then it has a link, once in the link you put the zip and it brings up the IVF facilities in your state. If you have any problems let me know.
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IMHO it is hard to compare stats even using the SART. The reason being is some clinics weed out the harder cases so that their stats look good. If a clinic only take the under 35 with no major issues patients of course their stats are going to look good cause most of those patients will get PG with their 1st or 2nd try. Other clinics strive on taking the harder cases which might take 2, 3 or 4 IVF for it to work so their stats will look worse. Good Luck on your choice.


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