Would you consider sharing your eggs?

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Would you consider sharing your eggs?
Fri, 01-18-2013 - 1:58pm

I thought this was an interesting article from the UK, a clinic began a program that a woman who produces surplus eggs can donate half of her eggs for a reduction in the cost of IVF: 

In October the clinic began pairing up women who produce surplus eggs with those unable to produce them, increasing the chance of both couples becoming pregnant.

Those sharing half their eggs have their own IVF cycle subsidised in return.

The centre hopes the scheme will bring down the agonising wait for many couples embarking on the procedure.

You can read the complete article at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-bristol-20646478

Would you consider this if you were one of the lucky ones that overproduced eggs?  What concerns would you have about the program?

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Tue, 02-05-2013 - 9:15pm

I would definitely donate eggs....and not just for the price break (although that would be nice) but for the chance to pay forward what has been done to help me.  I am a single 35-year-old woman using a sperm donor to TTC.  After 8 failed IUI's (and 1 success that unforunately ended at 12 weeks), I have moved to IVF.  I already know that if I am lucky enough to have "leftover" embryos, I will definitely donate them!