Ya wanna laugh?!?

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Ya wanna laugh?!?
Mon, 03-14-2011 - 3:41pm

Today my mother suggested that I take clomid to "help the ivf along" :smileyvery-happy: bless her heart!


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Mon, 03-14-2011 - 4:02pm

LOL!! that is too funny.

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Mon, 03-14-2011 - 6:35pm

Haha! Bless her sweat heart.

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Tue, 03-15-2011 - 11:08am
LOL. that really is sweet

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Tue, 03-15-2011 - 9:57pm

I told a friend of mine we were moving ahead with IVF after 4 failed IUI's. She said " oh no, you should try some Robitussin cough syrup right when you are about to ovulate. It will thin the vaginal mucus". She was dead serious ! and meant well, I am sure.

I wanted to scream "HONEY I AM WAAAAY PAST COUGH SYRUP AT THIS POINT !!", but I did not.

Then she went on to tell me about a friend of hers who decided to mill her own wheat to make a special bread that was good for fertility. I am not sure if the bread is good or not, but when someone says they have been told IVF is the only way, then just say something supportive.

Looking back now, I just laugh at how hilarious it all was. There she was pregnant with her 3rd baby in 4 years, and giving me advice about cough syrup and bread !! LOL !!

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