Interesting dr appt today....

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Interesting dr appt today....
Tue, 04-22-2008 - 2:23pm

I had a follow-up ob appt today after my u/s yesterday, so I knew it was going to be uneventful, but he did surprise me by telling me that this was a twin pregnancy.


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Tue, 04-22-2008 - 2:31pm


The vanishing twin thing happens often and it shouldn't have any impact on the other baby. Uneventful is better than drama. Keep us posted.


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Tue, 04-22-2008 - 2:37pm
Oh wow!


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Tue, 04-22-2008 - 6:08pm

Wow, that had to be a shock!

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Wed, 04-23-2008 - 8:33am
Wow, that certainly was an interesting appt.

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Wed, 04-23-2008 - 3:29pm

Keep us posted!

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Wed, 04-23-2008 - 9:53pm
Wow that was an interesting appointment!! I hope the empty sac ashrinks and gets absorbed without casuing any problmes, or who know, maybe you have a really bashful twin in there?? I don't know but keep up posted! Glad you'e still doing well.
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Thu, 04-24-2008 - 3:10pm

You're in my thoughts and prayers! Happy to hear that things are going well so far.
Keep us posted! Sending you happy bean thoughts!

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