Just wanted to send hugs to you girls!

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Just wanted to send hugs to you girls!
Mon, 05-19-2008 - 7:58am

I can't tell you how thrilled and inspired I get when I look at this section and see how wonderful you are all doing! There have been some close moments when several of you thought things were going bad and my heart was in my throat thinking the same thing and then miracle after miracle happens! I don't think I've ever been on an infertility board where there is so much continous good news! It just warms my heart and makes me think that maybe, if I am lucky enough to get pg again, maybe it will actually work out for me too and I will get a healthy full term pregnancy!

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know how much HOPE you've given me and to let you know I am rooting for you and hope to join your ranks soon!!!!!!!

Big hugs!


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Mon, 05-19-2008 - 9:37am

Thanks for the encouraging words Beth!


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Mon, 05-19-2008 - 8:10pm

Hi Beth,

Thank you :)

I have to say that before I got my Bfp, I eagerly read all the graduates posts & it gave me a lot of hope also.


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Mon, 05-19-2008 - 10:26pm

Thank you Beth. Sending Hugs back your way. I know seeing tohers overcome SI helped me cope with it taking so long to get BF again after a m/c when doctors had no reason for the SI. We graduates keep you all in our prayers that your miracle will arrive shortly. I feel blessed


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