Gina and I had a "girls night out"

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Gina and I had a "girls night out"
Fri, 12-15-2006 - 10:17am

Well, my cousin is getting married tomorrow, and all of us girls in the family got together and got pedacures (sp?) and a few got their hands done too. I brought Gina along with me, and my WORD, she was in little girl HEAVEN!!!

She got her hands and feet done, they really pampered her, and she sat there at the table with a look on her face that said "Im a princess, people are oooing and aaawwing over me, and this is how live is supposed to be" she was very serious, yet excited at the same time. when she was done, she had to go around the shop and show EVERYONE her toes and fingers, again and again and again. and even now, she's sitting next to me, and has shown me her toes and fingers at LEAST 10 times in the last 10 minutes! LOL and has made sure to point out that her fingers and toes match her shirt! ROFL

I have a feeling she and I are going to have to make this a regular thing LOL. (am I going to complain? NOPE!)

the funny thing is, I can just picture this little girl in high school as the beautiful popular girl that frets over her hair, make-up, clothes, etc! ROFL! what have I gotten myself into?!?!?! *wink*


And we begin again!!! wish us luck!

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Fri, 12-15-2006 - 10:46am
oh how cute!!!!!

~ Maggie ~


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Fri, 12-15-2006 - 11:43am
Awww how sweet!!!
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that is so sweet!

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Hey Jenna that sounded like fun!!

I could get used to getting manicures and pedicures with a little girl...I hope I have a girl next. lol


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Fri, 12-15-2006 - 10:44pm

That sounds like a lot of fun. I am hoping I can go to the spa one of these days. I have a spa gift cert. on my Christmas list. Maybe Santa will get it for me!!

You are so blessed to be able to share moments like that with a daughter. I don't think my ds would enjoy it?!? Maybe God will bless me with a daughter someday.