naps regularly?

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naps regularly?
Sat, 12-09-2006 - 2:07pm

just wondering if your little ones nap regularly?

DD is 25 mo and there are some days that she just doesn't nap. drives me batty b/c i wish i could predict those days. and if she doesn't nap that day, she usually doesn't have a good night sleep that night either.

when she does nap though, it's a good 2-3 hours and she sleeps 10-12 hours at night.


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Sat, 12-09-2006 - 2:59pm

Hey Sheila

My ds who will be 2 on Dec 27 naps everyday thank goodness!! lol He gets up around 9-9:30 and then naps around noon.
He usually sleeps 2-3 hrs too and sleeps about 10hrs at night. I keep him up late so he'll sleep in....Im not a morning person lol

PLEASE dont tell me he is getting ready to grow out of naps!! That is MY time to get stuff done! lol


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Sat, 12-09-2006 - 3:34pm

Brie still requires a nap some days!!

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Sat, 12-09-2006 - 9:29pm

~ Maggie ~


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Mon, 12-11-2006 - 10:08am

My ds turns 2 in 1 week. He sleeps about 10 hrs a night, and takes an afternoon nap anywhere from 2 - 4 hours. He is a good sleeper.

I hope the naps continue for a while, because I need that time to get stuff done around the house. Sometimes, I even take a nap!!

Maybe your dd is just going through a phase, and her naps will become regular again. Good luck,