Nightmares/Waking at night

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Nightmares/Waking at night
Wed, 09-03-2008 - 12:22pm

Maddie is waking on average 3 times a week in the middle of the night, saying she's had a nightmare. She will not go back to bed on her own unless I lay down with her till she falls asleep, which sometimes takes 2 hours! This happened again last night, she woke at 4:30, was wide awake until 6:15, then fell asleep until 7:10 and was up for the day. I'm totally tired, I'm a light sleeper and it takes me ages to fall back asleep once I get to sleep, so I never did get back to sleep after 4:30.

I don't know how to help her with this, when I suggest her trying to sleep without me laying down with her she freaks out and cries and carries on. We have a nightlight in her room, the bathroom and the living room, so the place is pretty well lit up. She won't even go to the bathroom by herself even if we're awake and watching tv. I have to take her because she's afraid of "monsters". I tried monster spray once, I think I will try it again and see if it helps.

Any other ideas?? I'm hoping she sleeps through the night tonight, I'm pooped! And I didn't think we'd still be dealing with this when she was six years old, ya know??? I don't think I've slept all night since she was born, LOL!

Thanks for any advice!


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Thu, 09-04-2008 - 10:18am

{{{{{{Hugs Beth and Maddie}}}}}}