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Mon, 11-06-2006 - 10:45pm

Hey Felicia

How did your HSG test go? I hope everything went okay.
Also...how did dh's s/a go? I pray the numbers are high!


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Fri, 11-10-2006 - 11:24pm
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Sun, 11-12-2006 - 9:11pm

Hey Jennifer~
My HSG went fine (except for the fact that my appt was at 11:30...I was called back and put in a sheet at around 12:00...unbeknownst to the radiology techs the radiologist went to lunch so I wasn't even seen till 1:00 something...that's right, I sat in the hallway with a sheet and blanket around my lower half).

As far as the s/a we take that in on Tuesday: )

As far as drugs, I haven't started. We're going to see if A/F shows on her own (should be around Thanksgiving) and if not, then I'm sure we'll do a pg test then prometrium to bring her on, then clomid 100 mg.

I am going to stay positive and focused on all the holiday stuff as best I can. I keep trying to remind myself of the bible study classes I go to each week on Managing Your Moods...it's all about how I react to the situation.

Thanks for asking~

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Mon, 11-13-2006 - 3:27pm

I am so glad your test results were good. I hope your dh tests results will also be good news. Let us know when you get the results.

Hoping for a BFP soon!