4 days late

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4 days late
Thu, 12-22-2011 - 11:18pm
I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right area but here I go. I was suposse to start on the 16th of this month, I still haven't. I've taken several tests and all are neg.... my periods aren't like clock work, I used a online menst calculator and it has u put in your last several period dates and it showed I was gonna start on the 16th. I even bought a answer brand today and still neg. Is there a chance I'm pregnant or no and is there anyone who got a bfp a lot later than a few days after they missed their period. I've been doing a lot of googling and read some woman don't get a bfp til weeks after their missed period. I have these symptoms heartburn, gassy, a lil crampy at times..feel a lil bloated breast feel a little sore and at times my viens seem to stand out on my breast. No spotting notta. Anyone been pregnant and have had something similar to this happen and be pregnant... when did u get your bfp. Thanks. For your help
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Fri, 12-23-2011 - 11:19am

Yes, there is definitely a chance you are pregnant. First Response tests seem to have the best results. I've heard they get a positive with hormones as low as 25, but some other brands need a level of at least 100. A blood test through the doctor would be most accurate. If your cycle is not regular, you could have ovulated late. If that happened, you could just be BARELY pregnant and not have enough hormones to show up on a test yet. Or, you might just be having a late AF month.

I did know one woman who didn't get positives on home urine tests. Her first pregnancy, she confirmed at the doctor around 2-3 months but all home tests were negative. Her second pregnancy, she had all the pregnancy symptoms and tested for months, but all tests were negative. Her doctor comfirmed pregnancy at nearly 5 months. So, yes, it is possible to get negative home tests. I don't think her story is very common though. And she was using generic tests from the grocery store and dollar store, she didn't use any name brand tests.

If I were you, I'd try a First Response test or call your doctor.

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Fri, 12-23-2011 - 11:51am
I got a positive on dollar tree tests and FRER with at least 7.5 Hcg this time around.
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Fri, 12-23-2011 - 12:26pm
With irregular cycles, you could have O'd late so the online calendar won't be reliable in tracking your period start date -they are just taking averages & guessing. How long have your previous cycles been? Are you tracking anything to indicate when you are fertile or bd'ing?

The symptoms you are experiencing are from progesterone which occur after O & maintain pregnancy if you are prego. Sometimes, cycles are long & drawn out because they are annovulatory. Try testing with an frer. I'd wait until next week if af hasn't shown & see your dr for a blood test. Good luck! Fx'd for a bfp :)