Having fun with symptoms

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Having fun with symptoms
Sat, 12-01-2012 - 11:14am

So I thought those of us in the wait can share your "symptoms". I have been having a wierd week so i have to share. I have had the following.

5dpo temp dip just below coverline nauceous all day no fever but got sick a few times and cramps not as bad as af thought for sure af was coming

6dpo temp back up nauceous on and off not nearly as bad as day before and less cramps

7dpo sick feeling gone but feel a cold coming on still slight cramping less than days prior

8dpo cramps gone headache and sneezing all day I don't want to take anything just in case temp still norma

l 9dpo (today) temp spike from 97.80 to 98.19 usually my temps are below 98.00 I even asked my hubby if he was hot and he likes it cold but my cold is still here and getting progressively worse

So there it is. I am probably just getting through a bug but the combination around this time is ironic. Anyone else got any interesting symptoms.

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Tue, 12-04-2012 - 6:18pm
Me me! I'm 9dpo today. I don't temp, but wish I did. I got hit with symptoms starting at 5dpo. Most noticable is sore bbs (they REALLY hurt the past two days), congested in the am (coughing stuff up after my morning showers), been nauceous on and off the past few days - was really bad two days ago - had to go lay down for it to pass, and i'm so crampy today! I try really hard to not read into symptoms. But this month its hard to ignore. I think my hormones are just on a rage this month. I even got super strong opks this month. We shall see! Good luck to you! When are you testing or have you already? I always test early, always. Going to try very hard to wait til AF is late, so 12/10.