nausea this soon?

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nausea this soon?
Fri, 08-20-2010 - 8:17am

Hello everyone, silly question here; im due for AF next saturday the 29th; but i have this nausea that has taken over me out of the blue; could it be that if we did conceive this cycle im feeling nausea this soon? i do have some other symptoms;im really trying to take my mind off of it because it seems like time is going slow..haha; but i havent had this kind of nausea since DD#2 and DD#3; and the tiredness is just as bad also, im falling asleep even before we clean up supper dishes (not like me usually i like to clean up to get it done and over with), sore back and sore breasts to DH says they feel heavier and swollen; im trying to convince myself this is just all in my head because i do want this so bad i dont want to see a im sure alot of girls here can relate; thanks for any insight to this nausea so soon

Chris :)