Yay for the 1WW!

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Yay for the 1WW!
Fri, 03-01-2013 - 1:09am

I have been so busy I skipped right over the first week of waiting wihtout obsessing :)  However, now DH has asked several times if I'm pregnant and if I'm sure it's too early to have symptoms - so of course I'm obsessing now!  He asked because I have been having cravings, and he thinks it's funny. I didn't even realize I was craving things until he pointed it out.  Been eating peanut butter toast, Nutella and cottage cheese a lot, all which I craved with my first two pregnancies.  And I have been drinking lots of water, so thirsty!  Other than that I feel nothing, totally normal. With my last pregnancy, a week before I found out I was pregnant my family was all in town and they all thought I was weird then too - I was eating cottacge cheese and bananas with Nutella. Trying not to get my hopes up, but funny little symptoms :) 

Also, I am totally forgetful, a crazy amount. I missed an appointment one day and forget to shave twice in the shower, and didn't realize it until I got out - I have never done that before. I hope I am pregnant and not just going crazy!




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