Total Exhaustion

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Total Exhaustion
Wed, 04-03-2013 - 12:21pm

Hi All

I have a 26 day cycle and am currently on CD15, for the last two days I have been completely exhausted (needed a nap on the sofa in the afternoon), sore throat, had backache and cramps down below.  We BD on CD11.  We were'nt meant to be actively trying yet, however, I think we enjoyed ourselves a bit much and may have been too late!!!  Also, I remember with DD before I tested that my (.)(.) leaked a bit of colostrum if squeezed and the same is happening now.  Can this happen anyway if you've had kids?  DD is 3 1/2!!!

Too early for these kind of symptoms??

B x

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Wed, 04-03-2013 - 5:14pm

I think it's too early for symptoms to be showing, they normally don't appear until after AF is due.  Your timing seems to be spot on though if you were TTC.  I wonder if you have picked up a virus with your sore throat and exhaustion? 

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Thu, 04-04-2013 - 2:54pm
That's odd! I think it's too early as well, but you could be one of the lucky ones.