Who's With Me?!

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Who's With Me?!
Wed, 02-27-2013 - 10:36pm

AF due 3/10, I think.  I wasn't going to try this month (due to the chemical pg last month) but yeah....  that thought lasted a whole minute.  I can't pass up what could be a very fertile month!

I had o spotting this month, which I have NEVER experienced before.  I also had really bad O pain. I hope they are all really good signs.I also think I'm having a 28 day cycle which is awesome.

Anyone else in this horrible wait with me?


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Thu, 02-28-2013 - 12:11am

omg.  did ivillage just finally let me post..lol.  i am here with you.  my chart has been really weird, and i had a spike at cd9, and then an even higher spike at cd13..so confused.  i have been having a lot of pain also.  i am taking dexamethasone this cycle..so not sure if thats why my chart has been crazy.  ive only charted for 2 months, so not sure what im doing.  heres to hoping together..

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Fri, 03-01-2013 - 12:58am
AF due 3/7 so I'm really in the 1WW now! I might try to hold out until the 8th to test, hahaha - maybe :) So far I feel nothing, but DH has suspicions I am pregnant :)




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Fri, 03-01-2013 - 11:24pm
Well girls, I'm out. First cycle after the chemical pg and AF showed on cd19. So incredibly frustrating. I will be watching you two!!! You better get a bfp!! :) I'm onto cycle 17. Sigh...


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Sat, 03-02-2013 - 1:00pm

Hi ladies! Sounds like you all are hopeful this cycle, which is wonderful!

I'm kind of having a break down right now. I try to stay positive, but we just hit 2 years of TTC and I just feel like we're no closer to getting our BFP. I just feel so down right now! And I don't think that we have a chance this cycle, as it's just been really wonky. I had spotting on CD 13, +OPKs on CD 14, 15, and 16, and then I just started progesterone suppositories last night for the first time. And then I woke up this morning, 2 DPO, and I am spotting again! I am so frustrated. I'm sorry to unload this, but I just don't feel like I have anyone to talk to here in real life. Everyone is having their babies this month, and I just can't bring myself to put all this negativity on them. 

I'm sorry to be such a downer. I just needed to vent. Thanks for listening! I'm sure I'll feel better soon. It must just be that two year mark.

I truly hope you get your BFPs this cycle!!


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Sat, 03-02-2013 - 1:43pm

hHey kristin. I know how you feel. my two year mark was 2 months ago. hit me like a sack of bricks too.Its incredibly hard and i understand completely. I havent been able to start Dr process yet. I have no insurance and BF is not working at the time.  I am desperatly wanting to but scared to add another bill to my life. Stay strong.

Sorry that your out brooke :( 

Hope everyone gets there BFPs this month.

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