AF is here...need support

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AF is here...need support
Thu, 10-15-2009 - 11:17am

Hey ladies,

It is my third month of trying for #1...I thought I may have been experiencing some pregnancy signs but this morning AF showed. :(

I am trying to keep my hopes up...I just hate this waiting game from the O to the start of AF!

My sister-in-law is pregnant and her baby shower is next month. I think it is going to be hard for me.

Much love to all TTC ladies!!!


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Thu, 10-15-2009 - 1:51pm

Hi Rachel,

I can totally relate! This ttc business is much harder than you'd think. It is cruel how our minds trick us into reading every sign as a possible PG. I was CONVINCED I was PG last month. This month, I'm trying really hard not to be optimistic, which makes no sense if you