And she's here!!!!!!!!!!!!

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And she's here!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tue, 08-24-2010 - 6:28pm

Well I guess I should have expected this but I still had hope. The thing I am confused about is that I have been of BCP two months now and last month she was a day early and this month she was two days early. I have never had any trouble with my LP being short. I thik this month would have been a case of that issue. I O ed late so I would have only been about 9 DPO today. for those who have issues with a short LP how short is too short? I have heard a lot about taking B6 to lengthen your LP so if it doesn't level out I will try that.
I have been loosing weight lately and my cycles were all crazy on the pill. I would have a period during the last active week of pills and then sometimes again on the off week. it was crazy. but I lost 30 lbs in 4 months and the doc said my body is trying to adjust so I am thinking that could be a problem too. I just never thought exercizing and getting healthy would come in the way of me having another baby.

Sorry this is so long. I have been pretty frazzeled today and really emotional that last few but I think I am getting it together and have a plan for next month.
Good Luck all

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