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Tue, 09-15-2009 - 1:43am
I started spotting this evening. This is probably AF. Earlier tonight I had a horrible backache and bad cramps. Just a bit ago I felt really nauseous, and thought it was more symptoms, but nope, it couldn't be.
I think I may have O'd on the 18th and not the 15th (I had thought that during my cycle). We had only BD on the 15th, so I guess it didn't make it.
I'm disappointed. Mainly because I had REAL symptoms this time. Nothing like I had ever had except when I was pregnant.
My goal this month is to focus on my temps. I haven't temped since my first pregnancy, so I'm going to work on that this month.
I'm also going to order preseed and try that as well.
We'll see what happens next cycle!

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Tue, 09-15-2009 - 4:07am

Aw, sorry to hear that, hon!

Don't you just wish AF would go away? Ugh.

On the upside, at least you got to get in some practice BD'ing for the real thing, right? :p
And now you'll just have to try again! Oh darn! XD

Good luck next cycle :D Baby dust to you!