strange sensation in mouth

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strange sensation in mouth
Wed, 06-23-2004 - 5:30pm
CD 33...BFN (5 times) still awaiting AF to show up.

Starting 2 days ago I've been having strange sensation in my mouth.

I can't really say "metallic taste" but I can describe it for you.

It's on both sides toward back of tongue, in the beginning it felt like I had consumed really salty food. Also taste like I just ate unripe fruite (little numb & bitter) making you want to spit. It gets worst between meals.

Did any of you had this as early symptoms? Is this supposed to be metallic taste?

I have no other pg symptoms. bb's usually get sore before AF but it's actually soft and smaller.

I was just curious to know if anyone had similar experience. Thanks.


TTC #1, C4, CD 33, ??DPO

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