I don't know if anyone who is on here now will remember me...

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I don't know if anyone who is on here now will remember me...
Wed, 08-29-2012 - 12:58am

Hello!  I used to post on here a lot.  I think I signed up around November 2008. 

I thought I would share my story in hopes that it gives someone hope.  I know I felt very defeated many times and like it would never happen, but it can and I hope it happens (or has already) for each and every one of you.

After about 1.5 years of trying I started to feel defeated and had a hard time seeing others get BFPs month after month and getting greeted by AF myself.  Of course I was very happy for the others, but I still grieved each moth that had past with no indication that a BFP would ever come my way.

We had stopped preventing in July 2008 and started actively trying in September 2008.  I finally got a referral to a fertility clinic in June 2010.  Our first appointment was October 2010.  We had to do all of the standard tests and once that was done we did a review and at that time we were told there really was no reason that we weren't getting PG.  They then scheduled a lap surgery to unblock a tube.  They did that and I did a round of Clomid - it ruined my lining 3 mm (as opposed to 10+ on a non medicated cycle).  After that I did Femara and an IUI = BFN.  We were going to do another Femara w/IUI cycle and they found a cyst that had to be removed before proceeding with any treatment.  So in July I had surgery to remove the cyst and it turns out my tube didn't heal right and they removed it.  In September I had to do a Colposcopy, once I got the all clear there I started my first IVF cycle.  I was on 300iu Gonal-F and 75iu Luveris daily as well as my Superfact (20iu).  My egg retrieval (ER) was fine.  They got 9 mature eggs and they all were fertilized by ICSI.  We transferred 2 embryos on day 3.  For the first time EVER my AF was EARLY!  I was devastated and decided I needed to be more proactive.  I searched and searched.  I found testing that can be done for 'unexplained infertility.'  My Dr reluctantly agreed to run the tests.  Turns out I had blood clotting disorders and other disorders that meant that I would NEVER carry a PG to term without intervention.  My original clinic said that they would do some treatment - only a very conservative approach - for my next cycle.  I wanted to bring in the big guns.  I found another clinic which would be much more aggressive.  I did a telephone consult with them and we started the ball rolling.  I had to fly 3000km/1700miles +/- and I stayed there for my monitoring, ER and egg transfer (ET).  I was on 300iu Gona-F (reduced to 225iu) and 75iu Repronex, along with steroids, antibiotics, Neupogen, intralipid therapy, Heparin and low dose Aspirin and vitamins.  I did a day 5 transfer of 2 embryos.  Sadly I still didn't think it would work.  I didn't feel anything, which is the same as my BFN months, but also the same as when I had my surprise BFP that ended in M/C.  I bit the bullet and did a HPT 5 days after the transfer of my 5 day embryos (5dp5dt) and I got a BFP!!!

Fast forward a bit and I did my first U/S and they weren't sure that there would be a baby (I went at 6w0d).  I went again @ 7w1d and we were in for the shock of our lives... there were 3 babies.  It seems one of the embryos split!  I have 1 fraternal and a set of identical babies.

Today I am 29w5d with triplets.  They will be coming very soon and I couldn't be happier :smileyhappy:

ME 34 SO 31 TTC #1 since September/08 First appointment with RE October/10 HSG November/10 - Left tube blocked Unblocked March 17/11 Fimbriae are gone though SA December/10 - 1% Morphology Swim Up SA January 2011 - Morphology is 13% doctor says is
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Wow, that's amazing! Thank you for sharing that! It gives me hope that all is not lost... Good luck to you in mommy-hood!

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I remember you.  I was posting around the same time.  I'm so glad you were persistant and figured it out to get your babies. I'm trying for my 2nd and keep having mc's and trying to figure out why.  Hope all is going well for you.