AF: just come on if you're coming!!!

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AF: just come on if you're coming!!!
Fri, 08-07-2009 - 12:45pm

Hi Ladies,

I'm so annoyed with my body right now! I'm trying to think positive, appreciative thoughts for my healthy body. But it's really hard today!

Yesterday my temps started dropping. Today is only .2 above the coverline, and this is the normal day I would expect AF. Yesterday I had spotting, like a decent amount of brown blood, and then (TMI alert...) just a little bit of red when I went #2. And then it stopped. And today nothing yet.

I fully believe AF will get here today. But it's so annoying that it started and stopped like that, b/c it's never done that before. So, that's just enough to give me hope. But I get mad at myself b/c I know better than to have hope for this cycle. So why won't AF just come and put me out of my misery!!!

Ok, sorry. Needed to vent. I think I'm done now. ;)


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Mon, 08-31-2009 - 9:42pm
I feel your pain! I have never wanted AF to come so bad in my life! I am only 1 month off of bc, but it is so frustrating because I want to figure out my cycle! I am sending good vibes your way and hope you get AF soon!