Back to ttc...m/c mentioned

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Back to ttc...m/c mentioned
Sun, 01-11-2009 - 8:32pm
HI ladies...unfortunately I am back ttc as we lost our pregnancy at 8w5d :(! I am leaning heavily on God and my family and am at peace with God's will. Yeah it sucks and feels unfair, but things happen for a reason...and I will survive and go on to have a health baby soon! Dh and I talked and decided to try again right away. I am going to hang out and watch this I know it will be jacked up due to loss....but hopefully I will o around our anniversary in Feb....sweeet gift! I have foiund so much support and love on these boards and look forward to my new ttc journey with you all...hopefully most of you leave before I do! gl on the bfp's!! Amy

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Sun, 01-11-2009 - 8:39pm
I am so sorry to hear this.

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Sun, 01-11-2009 - 9:14pm
I'm so sorry for your loss.

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Sun, 01-11-2009 - 9:53pm
I'm very sorry for your loss and can understand how you feel now staring at ttc again. If you want to talk please don't hesitate. I hope you get your bfp quickly and that it is a very sticky one !

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Mon, 01-12-2009 - 8:26am




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Mon, 01-12-2009 - 10:28am
Oh sweetie... I'm very sorry to hear this. Keep the faith and what is meant to be will. You have a great outlook on life!



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Mon, 01-12-2009 - 12:12pm

Awww sweetie! I'm truly sorry for your loss!
It is really devastating (((((((((hugs)))))))))
I hope you get pg again soon since you want to star over this soon.
You know, some people say that after M/c we get more fertile... Kinda good news, hun?
Ok, no good news at this point, but you're right about the right time for a baby, only god knows, and sometimes it is a hidden blessing

Good Luck!!!!


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