Bluer2008, in here ;)

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Bluer2008, in here ;)
Sun, 07-25-2010 - 6:32pm

Hi Bluer,
In reply to your questions on the other board, pregnancy in all its forms (past pregnancies, TTC, being pregnant or not) definitely brings up lots of emotions and thoughts. I know I have my fair share of rational and irrational moments. Poor DH (and sometimes friends). LOL

It sounds like you are definitely working on yourself to heal and be in a better position when you do get pregnant. :)

I am not charting as such. (but many ladies on this board do.)
I've never had much patience for waking up and temping (plus some of the doctors I've talked to here in Finland weren't too impressed with it). I have tried checking cervix position, but never fully paid too much attention to it. I do pay attention to mucus/fluids, to an extent.
My cycles are quite regular, so I do have some what of an idea of when things happen. Although, I have purchased some O tests, I think I've only ever once gotten a positive test for those. And when I've been on fertility treatments, I've just been following what they tell me to do and not worry about charting of any sort. I figure they know what they are doing. (I hope!)

But now, after 2 years of TTC...I'm really just hoping the experts (doctors) will make it happen. :)

Anyway, it is late and I need to work in the morning. I hope to hear from you soon. I hope your TTC journey is short!